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  • What style of music do you teach?
    I am specialised in Classical music. For this reason, if you wish to learn a different style of music, please be aware that once the basics have been developed, you will need a different teacher.
  • Do I need my own piano/keyboard?
    Yes, it is essential. Weekly lessons will be effective only if you practise during the rest of the week. Learning to play an instrument means to develop intellectual and physical skills that need to be exercised and refreshed every day.
  • What is the cost of the lessons?
    An-hour long lesson is £50, a 45-minute long lesson is £40 and a half-an-hour long lesson is £30. After the first trial session, the lessons are paid in advance (in sets of either 5 or 10 lessons) either in cash or via bank transfer/credit card.
  • Do you have a studio policy?
    Yes, I do. Please read terms and conditions here.
  • What time slots do you have free?
    The schedule is updated continously and you can check it out in the Availability page.
  • What age/level do you teach?
    I generally teach students of all levels (from complete beginners to advanced) and age (mostly from 3 years old onwards).
  • Can I learn about music theory?
    Theory work is generally incorporated into lessons as required. You can study theory as a separate subject if you wish, and those who progress to the Grade 6 practical exam will need to have passed their Grade 5 theory exam first.
  • Do I need books or other material?
    Yes, you will need piano manuals/books to practise exercises and pieces during the week. I will suggest the most indicated ones for your level and goals. I also recommend to keep a personal notebook to write down what needs to be done to improve week by week.
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