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Tailored lessons

Everybody is different, so the teacher has to adjust the method to the student`s needs.

On the basis of your experience and your ambition, Cettina will plan the lessons to perfectly suit your learning style and let you achieve your goal.

The lessons will cover every aspect of piano playing, such as technique, expression and theory, with a focus on what you need and wish to improve. Of course, everything is done in accordance with your pace and in line with your aims.

In the case of young or very young beginners, Cettina believes that it's really important to let them explore the possibilities of the instrument by improvising, rote learning and gamified techniques. She creates an enjoyable and exciting environment where they can experiment and learn through games and engaging activities.

Looking for piano classes for your little ones?

Are you not sure whether your child is ready?

Do you want to know what a typical lesson is like?

Download the Parent Information Package and find out everything!

Preschoolers aged 3-5
Children aged 5+

Learning to play, playing to learn

Children will be engaged in creative activities to learn with fun. Educational games and rote learning are essential to get familiar with the musical language. 

A few rules

Students who decide to start taking lessons with Cettina will receive the studio policy: a few rules that assure a relaxed and enjoyable experience to both teacher and students/parents.

Please read below the most important terms.

-Teacher and student agree on a suitable weekly slot;

-After the first trial lesson, the piano sessions will be booked in sets of 5 or 10 and paid a week before the beginning of each set. A 10% discount is offered the first time a set of 10 lessons is booked;

-Rescheduling is offered if a 24 hours notice is given. 

-Cancellations are free of charge if a 7 days notice is given.