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Introduction to piano playing for preschoolers.
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The lessons

The individual lesson is not always the best option to understand whether your child is ready to learn the piano.

Especially when the students are as little as 3-5 years old, they might feel more comfortable in a group.

The group lessons for preschoolers are designed to give a full introduction to piano playing to very little ones. They can learn the basics of music and piano playing through educational games and playful activities.

The main sources for these lessons come from the WunderKeys books, which are very effective also in one-to-one lessons for preschoolers.

Thanks to this method, children learn basic patterning, symbol-to-sound recognition, individual finger distinction with characters (in place of finger numbers), rhythmic awareness, and basic rhythmic notation. Concepts that generally require a longer time to be assimilated at a very early age.

Parents need to be aware that the group lessons are not the same as formal lessons, but this course can get their child ready for one-to-one piano lessons at a much earlier age than just waiting for these skills to develop on their own.


A typical WunderKeys lesson consists of patterning with manipulatives, funny finger rhymes for fine motor work, a singing/counting song with fun movements for storytelling and counting in time for rhythmic awareness, a teacher-student duet on the piano, a new lesson from the book (a math, aural, or visual concept and how it applies to the piano), and a math/counting card game.

Besides the Wunderkeys, other resources are used in the group lessons, depending on the needs of the children, reinforcing and integrating simple pieces at the piano by rote learning.

Parents information

Do you want to know what a typical lesson is like?

Are you not sure whether your child is ready?

Would you like to know more about the Wunderkeys?

Download the Parent Information Package and find out everything!


Practical information

Every lesson includes up to 3 participants aged 3-5 and lasts 45 minutes.

After the first trial lesson, the sessions are booked in sets of either 5 or 10 units at a time.

In case of cancellation, no makeup lessons are offered. 

Children can switch to individual lessons​ according to availability.