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🎹 Cettina Musumarra Piano Recital: A Journey Through Bach and Chopin 🎶

Embark on a musical odyssey as pianist Cettina Musumarra invites you to a captivating piano recital featuring the timeless compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and the romantic allure of Frédéric Chopin. Cettina will guide you through an evening of wonderful music, exploring the intricacies and emotional depths of these masterful works.

When and Where

📅 Date: March 3, 2024

🕢 Time: 5:00 pm

📍 Location: Mill Hill Library

🎟️ Tickets: Link to Tickets

Here's a breakdown of each piece, offering you insights into the rich tapestry of these musical gems.

🎧 In-Depth Listening Guide for Cettina Musumarra's Piano Recital

J. S. Bach: Partita I in B b Major, BWV 825

  1. Preludium: Step into the world of expressive possibilities as the intricate counterpoint and melodic richness of the Prelude set the tone for the entire Partita.

  2. Allemande: Experience elegance in the Allemande, where Bach's mastery unfolds through gracefully interwoven voices and captivating harmonic progressions.

  3. Corrente: Dive into a lively dance with Corrente, showcasing rhythmic ingenuity and technical prowess in navigating complex passages.

  4. Sarabande: The Sarabande offers a poignant contrast, inviting introspection through slow, deliberate pacing and emotive melodic lines.

  5. Menuet I & II: Delight in charming dance forms, revealing Bach's ability to infuse joy and sophistication into his compositions.

  6. Gigue: Conclude the Partita with the energetic Gigue, a spirited dance featuring lively rhythms and spirited thematic development.

J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in B b Major BWV 866

  • Prelude: A brilliant introduction with intricate themes, paving the way for the upcoming Fugue.

  • Fugue: Dive into the intricate web of voices in the Fugue, showcasing Bach's contrapuntal mastery and intellectual depth.

J. S. Bach: Prelude e Fugue in F minor BWV 881

  • Prelude: Explore the contemplative Prelude that unfolds with a sense of introspection.

  • Fugue: Navigating through intricate counterpoint, the Fugue offers a glimpse into Bach's exploration of emotional complexities.

F. Chopin: Sonata no.3, op.58 in B minor

  • Allegro maestoso: Begin the sonata journey with the majestic Allegro maestoso, a grand movement filled with intensity and expansive themes.

  • Scherzo: molto vivace: Feel the playfulness in the Scherzo, a lively showcase of Chopin's brilliance and rhythmic intricacies.

  • Largo: Experience the tender beauty of the Largo, a melancholic intermezzo highlighting Chopin's lyrical expression.

  • Finale: Presto non tanto: Conclude with the exhilarating Presto non tanto, a fast-paced finale filled with dramatic shifts and virtuosic passages.

Get ready to be captivated by the nuances and brilliance of these masterpieces! 🎹✨ #MusicalJourney #ListeningGuide #BachAndChopinMagic


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